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Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce

May 2018
From the President's desk

Kanwar Dhanjal
 It's Awards & Gala Time

It is time to start preparing for the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Awards and Gala Night. The Advisory Board is scrutinizing the nominations the Chamber has received in different award categories. It is an arduous task and the independent Advisory Board performs it with zeal and dedication. The venue of the Annual Awards and Gala Night has been changed to a brand new location – the Paramount Eventspace in Woodbridge.

The change in venue signals a new direction. The Chamber’s new leadership is conscious of utilizing precious public resources with utmost judiciousness. As a part of new strategy, we have also consciously focused on qualitative programming instead of having a large number of events, and this has definitely resulted in a shift of paradigm in terms of overall utilisation of resources that our sponsors, who are our partners in success, entrust us with annually.

The Chamber continues with the tradition of celebrating the achievements of Indo-Canadians at the Annual Awards and Gala Night, which is one of the biggest events in the annual calendar of the Indo-Canadian community. For the Chamber’s leadership, it is that one event where we pull all stops and go forward with renewed determination and dedication to achieve the primary objectives of the four-decades-old institution namely fostering bilateral trade ties between Canada and India and create opportunities for the entrepreneurial and professional members of the community.

I’m sure all of you are eager to know how this year’s awards will pan out. Let’s continue with our hoary tradition of making the Chamber’s Annual Awards and Gala Night a grand success. I invite you to buy your tickets and tables for this grand event scheduled for Saturday June 17, 2018. You may buy online or call the Chamber’s office.  I look forward to seeing you at the event and enjoy an entertainment-filled evening with speeches by key decision-makers and the honouring of our community’s brightest.
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