ICCC-WEP's Open House & Networking Session attracts new members - 27-03-13

27 Mar 2013 5:52 PM | Anonymous


 Open House and Networking Session attracts new members

WEP Managing Committee: Smita Dayal, Mini Khurana, Ravi Malhi, Ginni Sethi, Shibani Sahney

Toronto: Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce’s (ICCC) Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals (WEP) committee held a scintillating Open House and networking session on March 27. The event coincided with the cultural Holi festival.

WEP’s core committee comprising Ravi Malhi, Chair; Smita Dayal, Co-Chair; along with Core Committee members Ginni Sethi, Shibani Sahney, and Mini Khurana organized the event that attracted nearly 170 guests many of whom also became members of the Chamber.

ICCC President Naval Bajaj addressing the audience.
Smita Dayal & Ravi Malhi are also in the photograph

Naval Bajaj, President, ICCC along with two of ICCC’s Executive Directors – D. P. Jain, Vice President and Director, Finance and Jagdish Bajaj, Vice President and Director Programs & Events & IT – were also present at the event. Ginni Sethi and Mini Khurana welcomed the guests, and Ravi Malhi addressed the audience, highlighting the forthcoming plans of the committee. She said that the WEP committee will hold at least six events in 2013 and encourage women entrepreneurs and professionals to become members of ICCC.

 ...members of the audience

Speaking on the occasion Naval Bajaj delineated the role of ICCC in promoting bilateral economic relations between Canada and India, and creating opportunities for the Indian Diaspora in Canada. He said it is heartening to see such a massive support from the community to our Chamber’s newly launched committee. It indicates the deep resonance this committee has created among the women.
 ICCC Directors with WEP
Core Committee Members

“To organize two such major events in less than a month requires not just commitment, hard work and tenacity, it also requires deep reaches within the community, and this is where our women leaders have surpassed all expectations,” he observed.

 Guests at the event

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