Me & My ICCC-Let's Benefit - ICCC's new networking platform

24 May 2017 6:00 PM | Mayank Bhatt
Me and My ICCC - Let's Benefit
 ICCC's new networking platform
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The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) introduced a new networking concept for its members when it launched the ‘Me and My ICCC – Let’s benefit’. This is a theme-based networking introduced by the ICCC’s Trade & Commerce committee. 

Speaking on the occasion, Arun Srivastava, President, ICCC, said, “These theme-based monthly networking events will open doors to new opportunities for our members, going a long way in fulfilling the ICCC’s mandate of creating business and professional opportunities for Indo-Canadians.”

Pappur Shankar, Vice President, Finance, informed them of the upcoming Canada-India Business Symposium that the Chamber is organising in association with the Canadian and Indian governments’ diplomatic corps. 

Kicking off the program, Kanwar Dhanjal, Director, Trade and Commerce, said, the purpose of the concept and the program is to create opportunities for the entrepreneur members of the Chamber to offer their services to other members.”

The purpose of the series is to

  • Create a platform for ICCC members to explore mutually beneficial business opportunities
  • Create a network of business connections that assist businesses become efficient and optimize costs
  • Create an environment that nurtures entrepreneurial zeal
  • Create opportunities for interaction between new entrepreneurs and established stalwarts
  • Create a robust internal, member-based network of codependent businesses that promote growth
  • Create awareness amongst ICCC members of the immense potential of business lead generation within the ICCC membership

Puneet Kohli a technocrat financial consultant from India made introductory remarks.

For the first program under the ‘Me and My ICCC – Let’s Benefit’, was 'Start Ups' is the theme for the first 'Me & My ICCC' networking event.

Jayesh Menon, the acting chair of the Trade and Commerce committee, introduced the details of the program

The program will offer following benefits to members:

  • Encourage members to become resourceful in exploring and creating internal opportunities
  • Business pitching for ICCC members (at discounted rates)
  • An orientation on business assistance and support services
  • A special section in the ICCC monthly newsletter that highlight discounts by members for their services

Trade and Commerce committee member Meenakshi introduced the panelists.

The panelists

Remitr: Gurpreet Singh Bedi, Vice President – Canada operations of Remitr payment simplified online remittance start-up made the first presentation along with the co-founder of the company. Remiter is a global bank-to-bank payments platform that is simple, inexpensive and automated. Its operational base is in Canada and the UAE and is headquartered in the USA. It offers direct payout network to 30 countries that will grow to 120 countries by the end of Q4.

Amaze Group Inc.: Dave Virdi, a realty agent made a presentation on his services and highlighted the services that he offers including free market evaluation, consistence feedback until sold, competitive commission packages, top negotiation skills, conduct open houses, dedicated professional team of realtors.  The group’s other arm – La Capitale offers lifetime disability plans, customised life insurance protection for skilled trades, self-employed and small business owners, benefits plans for individuals and businesses.

Invisor: Invisor is an life and health insurance agency that provides goal-based solutions, low fees, and convenient online platform. It is a fully managed portfolio solution that takes care of everything so that the clients don’t have to worry about these matters. It is a completely paperless, online experience so that the clients can get started in minutes. It costs low and has no minimum investment amount to help reach goals sooner. It gives access to InvisorGPS to help clients set goals and track progress.

BDC: Manny Mann of the BDC spoke about the service the Business Development Bank of Canada offers to businesses. BDC finances working capital to give entrepreneurs peace of mind and extra cash to expand their businesses and invest in technology. We also lend money to purchase commercial real estate, buy new or used equipment, and a variety of other business needs.  BDC leverages indirect channels to increase its impact on Canadian SMEs by providing capital to financial intermediaries. By doing so, we encourage other institutions to provide continued economic support to Canadian businesses.

Power Savings Systems Inc. Surinder Sharma, a director with the Mississauga Board of Trade, and a veteran member of the ICCC, made the final presentation about his company Power Savings Systems Inc. The company helps organisations shifts from a culture of consumption to a culture of conservation and save dollars. The company serves as an outsourced energy department of its clients, performs in-depth energy audits, offers project management capabilities, assist in applying for government incentives and create a corporate culture of conservation.

In future, the Trade and Commerce committee will identify a key theme for each of the monthly networking event and it will then endeavor to bring together businesses related to the theme. Entrepreneur members will be invited to pitch their services to other members. 

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