ICCC Organized an Informative Session on Federal Government Contracting and Intellectual Property Services

From L to R: Rakesh Joshi, Devika Penekelapati, Chirag Shah, Menelaos Argiropoulos, Darlene Carreau, Prmaod Goyal & Sunita Vyas

Indo Canada  Chamber of Commerce organised an event on Federal Government Contracting and Intellectual Property Services for Small and Medium Businesses on Tuesday 12 February 2019. The event enlightened the members regarding protecting their Intellectual Rights and how they can do Business with the Government of Canada.

Mr. Pramod Goyal, President ICCC in his welcome remarks said that the ICCC is working hard to promote its mandate for disseminating latest information on Small and medium Businesses developments and how they can get benefit from these programs. He also said that ICCC is leading its eighth India Mission 2019 from 17th to 24th February 2019 covering Chandigarh, New Delhi, Chennai, Panaji and Hyderabad. He also informed the members that ICCC is launching its India Chapter in New Delhi during the upcoming business mission.

Ms. Darlene Carreau, Director General of Business Services at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) in her presentation said that small businesses are having an important role in the development of the economy so they should be aware how to protect their Intellectual Property (IP). She said that 27% of SMEs hold formal IP (2% patents, 9% trademarks and 1% ID), 78% of SMEs indicate that they are familiar with at least one type of IP so the awareness is must for SMEs. Of the 31% of companies that innovate, around half hold formal IP. SMEs should take this seriously as it can give them an edge over the competition to build a reputation and goodwill with the clients. Additionally, CIPO is responsible for designing and delivering a suite of IP products, training tools and services to raise awareness among small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators to bolster innovation, competitiveness and long-term growth. For presentation details please click here

Mr. Menelaos (Manny) Argiropoulos, Chief,SME Stakeholder Engagement, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) – Officeof Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) in his detailed presentation said that information and correctknowledge is key to success for getting into the business with the Governmentof Canada. He provided detailed information on understanding the procurement process,registering as a supplier, security screening, building relationships, biddingon opportunities available for SMEs and information on the build in CanadaInnovation Program. For presentation details please click here

The event was well attended by members despite of winter storm. Mr. Chirag Shah introduced the event to the audience. ICCC board members Ms. Devika Penekelapati, Ms. Sunita Vyas and Mr. Rakesh Joshi were also present at the event.
Our sponsor, Telus not only sponsored the refreshments for the event, but also, gave away a smartphone in a raffle prize draw.

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