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Call for Board Nominations (Revised)

30 November 2020

The Board of Directors (ICCC Board), Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC), has established its Nominations Committee for independently inviting nominations to fill two (2) elected board positions, becoming vacant on as of the upcoming 2020 Annual General Meeting.

The ICCC Board consists of Nine (9) elected and six (6) appointed directors; these are all voluntary position. Each elected director’s term is two (2) years, with eligibility to stand for re-election for an additional 2-year term subject to satisfactory performance and contributions, for a total tenure of four (4) consecutive years. An elected director may hold the position for a maximum of two (2) terms if s/he is re-elected at the end of the first term. An appointed director serves for one year at a time, with no maximum tenure.

Voting eligibility

Members in good standing (i.e., fully paid membership dues, other charges, fees and outstanding dues, plus meeting all the Requirements for Becoming a Director on the Elected Director Nomination Form – 2020), as of 1 November 2020 according to legislation and remaining so as of the AGM will be entitled to vote and attend the AGM.

Elections 2020

Due to COVID-19 and guidance of the federal government, nominations in 2020 are being invited now for two (2) upcoming vacant elected positions on the board; due to this timing, the first term for these positions will be valid until 2022 AGM. The following are currently the seven (7) serving elected directors, in the middle of their two-year term and eligible to continue till the next AGM in 2021:

1.     Pramod Goyal, President and Board Chair
2.     Tauseef Sheikh, Vice President and Corporate Secretary
3.     Sanjay Kulkarni, Vice President and Director, Finance
4.     Surinder Sharma, Vice President and Director, Membership Engagement
5.     Vijay Thomas, Vice President and Director, International Trade & ITC
6.     Don Patel, Director, Government Affairs, Affinity and Business Development
7.     Vikas Sharma, Director, Small & Medium Enterprises

The first term of the following two (2) elected directors is coming to an end on the 2020 AGM scheduled for 29 December 2020 in compliance with the current federal government guidelines provided during current COVID-19 epidemic. These two candidates are eligible to submit their Nomination Form and will be assessed along with all new nominations to be received this year:

1.     Virender Rathi
2.     Ripudaman Singh Dhillon

All incumbent directors and new applicants will be assessed for continuing in the office and brought onboard, respectively, against ICCCs skill-matrix and other selection criteria to satisfy ICCC’s upcoming governance needs. This assessment will take place in sole discretion of the Nominations Committee and a short-list recommended to the Board for final approval by the members at the AGM.

Further, ICCC Board appoints up to six (6) individuals as appointed directors on ICCC Board who wish to support the mandate of the elected directors, volunteer their time and get groomed for community service. This year, one (1) currently serving appointed director is eligible to submit his candidacy to serve as an elected director:

  •      Bhavik Parikh

Further changes in the number of vacancies may occur in the event an incumbent elected directors resigns prior to the end of their term and before the upcoming AGM.

Nomination Forms:

Individuals wishing to serve as an elected director on ICCC’s Board of Directors must submit their fully completed Nomination Form by Noontime sharp on Saturday, 5 December 2020, to the Chair, Nominations Committee, or Vice President, Corporate Secretary. All the supplementary information should be attached to help assess their suitability in meeting future needs of ICCC Board. The Nominations Committee will not follow-up for any missing or incomplete information.

Review process:

The Nominations Committee has the authority to independently assess each fully completed Nomination Form for 2020-22 term. Candidates short-listed by the Nominations Committee will be invited for a virtual personal interview. Upon completion of the nominations process, the Committee will recommend a short-list of suitable candidates to ICCC Board together with the information submitted by those candidates. The Board does not have the authority to approve directors. The Board presents the recommended names to the Members in attendance and in good standing at the AGM.

To be considered for an elected director on ICCC Board, please submit your Nomination Form no later than 12:00 pm sharp, Saturday, 5 December 2020, by email to Chairnomcomm@iccconline.org, or delivered by hand to the attention of the Chair, Nominations Committee, marked “Confidential”, at:

Indo-Canada Chamber Of Commerce

924 The East Mall

Etobicoke, ON M9B 6K1

The 2020 Nomination Form and a skill-matrix Self-Assessment Form may be download from here:

2020 Nomination Form

Self-Assessment Form

Please note that your Nomination Form must be endorsed by two members in good standing, i.e., as a “Proposer” and a “Seconder”. In addition, they should be of 18 years of age and members in good standing for at least as of 1 November 2020, in compliance with the legislation.

Composition and the Term of the Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee for 2020 elections comprises of three individuals: two independents and one Board Executive Representative. Its term will end after submitting the recommended candidates and their information to ICCC Board. 

Any direct or indirect lobbying attempts or efforts to contact or influence the Nomination Committee members will make those candidates ineligible for this consideration.

Mr. Ashwini Tangri has been appointed as the Returning Officer and will manage the end-to-end election process.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to members’ vibrant interest in serving the community and helping meet the mandate of ICCC Board.

Tauseef Sheikh
Vice President & Corporate Secretary

Vancouver • Calgary • Winnipeg • Toronto • Ottawa • Montreal • Halifax