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Transportation & Logistics


The Transportation and logistics committee is catalyst for bringing together players engaged in this sector in Canada and provide a platform for a common vision, innovation and growth. The committee chair will work closely with several prominent Canadian and Indian industry & trade associations, Merchant chambers and other government bodies to serve the common interests of the members across the India-Canada corridor. Its mission is to uphold the positive image of ICCC and to support its leadership standing among its stakeholder groups. The chair will identify new approaches to augment the Chamber’s strategy and the role will encompass (but not be limited to) the following activities:

      • Work with and optimize the marketing and public outreach plan and strategy for ICCC
      • Ensure the look and feel of the corporate website and graphics used keep in line with the brand image and standing of ICCC
      • Ensure standard branding collaterals for ICCC
      • Support committees in marketing events
      • Ensuring events are consistent with the purpose and brand image of ICCC
      • Work with and optimize the Media & PR Bank for the organization
      • Ensure consistent process for feedback on events of ICCC.
      • To create awareness and the development of a 'transporter business community' for sharing information between ICCC, and other likeminded groups in India and Canada to 'connect' with each other.
      • Arrange seminars to educate transporter, drivers and other stakeholders
      • Connect with the corporate world, ongoing consultations with other allied organizations, federal and provincial governments in Canada and union and state governments in India, ICCC sponsors and key stakeholders.
      • To deliver value by personally visiting and/or meeting every member Institution at least once a year to share sector updates, discuss membership benefits, solicit feedback and share potential opportunities.

The Team

  • Rajneesh Walia - Chair
  • Amanjit Lalia
  • Ken Singh

Vancouver • Calgary • Winnipeg • Toronto • Ottawa • Montreal • Halifax