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Small & Medium Enterprises


To be the catalyst for bringing together Small and Medium Enterprises in Canada and India to deepen relations and provide a platform for a common vision, innovation and growth


The Small and Medium Enterprises sector plays a pivotal role in the overall industrial economy of India and serves as the engine of job creation, economic growth and innovation in the Canadian economy.

The ICCC is dedicated to playing a pivotal role in providing resources for such relevant issues that affect the SMEs.

In Canada, we organize seminars/workshops to facilitate networking and provide specialized information by prominent speakers and subject matter experts from the industry, government or banking.

We also work closely with several prominent Indian industry and trade associations, Merchant chambers and other government bodies to serve the common interests of the SME members across the India-Canada corridor.

Contact: sme@iccconline.org

The Team:

  • Arvind Bhardwaj, VP & Director, ICCC
  • B. K. Sethi, Special Adviser, ICCC's Presidential Secretariat
  • Raman Dua

Vancouver • Calgary • Winnipeg • Toronto • Ottawa • Montreal • Halifax