ICCC welcomes India Canada track 1.5 Dialogue


Delegation with ICCC Members
Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) hosted Gateway House delegation on 2nd November 2018 at the ICCC office. The delegation was visiting Canada for track 1.5 dialogue. The interactive session witnessed exchange of ideas, suggestions and information between the ICCC and delegates.
Mr. Pranav Patel, president ICCC welcomed the delegation on behalf of the chamber and congratulated them for starting the 1.5 dialogue with Canada. Canada India relations are progressing well but lot more potential avenues can be unlocked between these two countries.Amb. Dinesh Bhatia, Consul General of India in Toronto said that Consul General is working closely with ICCC in promoting the Canada India bilateral relations in trade and commerce.

Ms. Manjeet Kripalani, leader of the delegation and co-founder of Gateway House said that through 1.5 dialogue they wanted to explore the possibilities of working together with Canada on Energy, Geo-engineering, cyber security, Trade and services, renewable technology collaboration, clean and green environment and economic relations.

Amb. Rajiv Bhatia (Retd) who is working as distinguished fellow with Gateway house said that India-Canada Track 1.5 Dialogue on Innovation, Growth and Prosperity is a three-year initiative between Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), to explore areas for closer cooperation. Delegation would like to explore the possibility of working together with ICCC, to know the challenges in Canada India relations, and what needs to be done at different levels of government.

Mr. Samir Patil shared his views on cyber security where as Mr. Chaitnya Giri presented research focuses on aqua politics and astro politics, the new-age techno-geostrategy, space and marine industrial complex, and science of space exploration.

India and Canada maintain strong bilateral relations built on the foundation of shared values and healthy economic ties. Economic exchanges between India and Canada are on an upward trajectory, but there are unexplored areas for mutually beneficial growth, especially in light of rapid developments in technology that are changing every facet of the economy and society in both countries.

To address these challenges, our partnership will help to develop policy recommendations, promote innovation and navigate shared governance issues that are integral to the continued growth of India-Canada bilateral relations. India-Canada Track 1.5 Dialogue on Innovation, Growth and Prosperity help to build closer ties between Canada and India to unlock the full potential.

ICCC board members Mr. Abu Becker, Mr. Rakesh Joshi, Mr. Chirag Shah, Ms. Devika Penekelapati, Mr. Pramod Goyal, Ms. Sunita Vyas were also present in the meeting along with other ICCC members. Mr. Saifullah Khan Consul Commercial was also present.

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