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ICCC Webinar Series - Knowledge on the Go

Webinars that probe deep into a subject and take a 360 degree view. The subjects are often, eclectic, off-beat, and ones that need attention because of their growing significance in the Canadian economy such as cannabis, alternative energy, the ethnic media, cybersecurity and paywalls. 

Here are the videos of the webinar series.


Agriculture Reforms in India
(16 April) 


 ICCC's 9th Annual International Women's Day Celebrations
(03 March)

 Ontario-Jammu & Kashmir Buyers-Sellers Meeting
(26 February)

 Values-Driven Leadership
(26 February)
 ICCC Annual Real Estate Roundtable
(25 February)

Knowledge on the Go: Insights into the 2021-22 Indian Budget
(06 February)
Knowledge on the Go: Energy Conservation for Ontario Businesses
(28 January)

Knowledge on the Go: Climate & Energy Conservation
(02 June)
Turning Setbacks into Comebacks: Shiv Khera
(29 May) 

Knowledge on the Go: Cannabis in Canada
(26 May)
Knowledge on the Go: Rise & Relevance of Canada's Ethnic Media
(19 May)

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