ICCC-Alberta: Monthly Series

  • 10 Nov 2012
  • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Maurya Fine East Indian Cuisine 1204 Kensington Road NW Calgary AB T2N 3P5


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Exclusively for SMB's Calgary

ICCC- ABC undefined is proud to launch a series of monthly talks for the benefit of Small and

Medium Business ( SMICs) undefined located in Calgary and neighbourhood.

7000 Years of Indian Culture

Archaeological, linguistic and historical evidence, and from scriptures and epics, has shown how the Aryan civilization adapted itself to changing circumstances and grew into a Hindu civilization that has survived vigorowily from 5000 BC tilt today. Indians were the first to contribute to philosophy, theology. astronomy, mathematics, music, dance, drama, management (of state), medicine and sciences. For over 1400 years from ca 400 BC. the universities of Takshasheela and Naalandaa had drawn thousands of students from world over. After a partial Muslim rule for 700 years and a total British rule of 150 years, the bifurcated (in 1947) Indian -Nation opted to become a secular federal republic, the largest democracy in the world. India has practiced multiculturalism for a thousand years. The multi-religious, multi-language and multi-cultural aspects of the living culture of Bharat - India - are presented colourfully.

How to Become a Better Manager

A successful manager/entrepreneur/administrator is the one who achieves set targets and lives a happy/ healthy life, without succumbing to psychosomatic diseases caused by mental stress. A way to achieve this twin goal was first developed. surprisingly, in around 320 BC in India. Its use created a dynasty of good kings that lasted 136 years! This path, laid down by the First Top Management Guru of the world, Acbarya Clunakya, is based on a deep understanding of human behaviour, also at work. This path will be laid down in a manner that YOU can follow it on YOUR OWN. .After defining management in a fundamental way. the concepts on seeking help and guidance. on treating co-workers, and on grooming oneself for the capability to manage others, will be brought out. Expect the unexpected: laws for behaviour of men (and women) at work! Yes. laws valid today!!

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