Immigration of skilled workers to Canada

From L to R: Rakesh Goenka, Kanwar Dhanjal, Jagmohan Nanda & Vasim Shaikh

Toronto: Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) organised a seminar on hiring temporary foreign workers with Nanda & Associate Lawyers on August 1, 2018 in Mississauga. The focus of the seminar was to address the labour shortage and find and hire the suitable manpower from outside Canada.

Mr. Kanwar Dhanjal President ICCC along with Mr. Jagmohan Nanda welcomed the guests. Mr. Dhanjal said that ICCC is organising such programs to upgrade the knowledge of its members.

Mr. Vasim Shaikh from Nanda & Associate Lawyers gave a detailed presentation on hiring the foreign skilled workers. He said that Temporary Foreign worker program for Canada is in place to help Canadian employers bring temporary foreign workers with the help of Service Canada and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. As a business owner, you may have experience difficulties in finding right skills and to keep workers in order to grow your business. These challenges are overwhelming particularly if your business is dealing with skilled trades. Despite trying to hire Canadian workers, sometimes business owners are left with no choice but to hire a temporary foreign worker.

Nareshkumar Chavda

Kanwar Dhanjal

Linda Starova

Jagmohan Nanda

Vasim Shaikh

He further said that Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is essential to the survival of many small businesses. The TFWP allows you to hire a worker from abroad to fill a temporary position when a Canadian worker isn’t available. While the TFWP is designed to temporarily fill gaps in your workforce, it is often used to fill permanent positions that employers consistently have trouble filling. This is why it is important for employer to find a permanent solution to labour shortages, especially for employers who need low- and un-skilled workers.

Mr. Nareshkumar Chavda introduced the evening to the audience. Over 70 business owners attended the event.

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